Awowo is led by its founder and president, Mr. Joe Liu, who has a remarkable sense and excellent abilities when designing drumming instruments and products. Mr. Liu understands the difficulties of playing drums and the main concerns of drummers, whether they are a beginner or an expert. Therefore the products that we design are totally unique and suitable for all levels of drummers.
  • 1980 Be founded
  • 1993 The first time to enter the profession, established the "Music Temple" studio, engaged in the production and distribution of music albums.
  • 1994 Manufactured software music for Nintendo Entertainment System, SEGA and other video game companies.
  • 1995 Take office music Director for "Honggu Record". "Music Temple" officially renamed as "Lion Music". Began manufacturing PC game music. Which had made music for Soft-World International Corporation, Gamania Digital Entertainment, Softstar Entertainment, Fun Yours Tech., Userjoy Tech., and other game companies.
  • 1996 Designed and promoted "Ultra Ability Music Software", which teach users how to digital music.
  • 1997 In collaboration with UMC, developed a sound chip for "A-Can TV Game System".
  • 1998 Began development design for a game module.
  • 2000 Launched the first set of music game software in Taiwan that uses USB interface transmission - "Drumming" drum machine, which was distributed by Soft-World International Corporation, driving the trend of drum machine in Taiwan.
  • 2002 Launched the improved version of the music game software "Drum Beat Game", the music game software "Soul Drum", which had been successfully sold to Europe and the United States.
  • 2004 Began Development of software and hardware for a sound module.
  • 2005 Engaged in OEM electronic drums, the sound source sampling of the sound source machine adopts PCM 8bit sound source, and sale to all over the world.
  • 2006 Began to develop and make WAV audio source, upgrade the general 8bit PCM audio source to 16bit WAV audio source.
  • 2008 Found the inadequacy of WAV audio source, so began to develop a more novel, more realistic and more satisfying audio source system for consumers, WPW thus began to take shape.
  • 2011 After continuous research and improvement, the first "WPW system" in the electronic drum industry finally came out. (It will be introduced later).
  • 2012 Obtained two patents for the growing electronic drum stand and the induction structure of electronic drums, which are revolutionary patented products.
  • 2013 TK series electronic drums, creating a new standard for lightweight entry.
  • 2014 AK series electronic drums, mid-priced but top-of-the-line features, using a new design vocabulary and technology.
  • 2015 MS314 sound module, keep to explore the inner needs of drummers in terms of function, with powerful sound source technology, redefine the top sound module.
  • 2016 MS315 sound module, the more free parameter adjustment, and interactive design for other accessories, making it more closer to the needs of drummers.
  • 2017 a. MS318 sound module, new SD card function and snake cable design; Jun-01 electronic drum, a collection of patents from many countries, the mesh drum design is 100% realistic, satisfying the desire of drummers and enjoying it.

    b. Represented Taiwan in the SLUSH exhibition in Finland, being one of the six exhibitors.
  • 2019 a. On behalf of the Taiwan national team, went to the United States to participate in the CES show - Consumer Electronics Show.

    b. Participated in the Golden Music Festival, and only 6 manufacturers in Taiwan were qualified to participate in the exhibition.
  • 2020 Got a subsidy from Keelung City Government of SBIR - Small Business Innovation Research.
  • 2021 Represent Taiwan to participate in the Indonesia-Taiwan Product Online Exhibition and participate in the opening ceremony of the exhibition.